Emergency Management

Establish county wide emergency planning committee

  • Commissioners Court, City Officials, Constables, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, and the clergy
  • Tasked with being PROACTIVE in disaster preparation and recovery not just REACTIVE
  • Keep lines of communication open and consistent
  • Learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives in handling emergencies in an effort to streamline the recovery process
  • We don’t currently have a county wide committee that brings together all of the major players in handling emergency preparedness and response
  • Results in a coordinated, preemptive emergency management plan

Designate warehouses throughout Jefferson County to store non-perishable food items, water, clothing, and other materials BEFORE a storm occurs rather than waiting until assistance arrives

Build a disaster center for first responders to gather, sleep, and access showers like the one I helped secure funding for in Galveston County.


Economic Development

Use the County Judge position to facilitate diversity in economic development by encouraging entrepreneurs from around the world to establish manufacturing facilities, information technology businesses, renewable energy plants, retail stores, and entertainment venues in Jefferson County

  • The population of Jefferson County has remained stagnant for 50 years in large part due to the severe lack of economic diversity within the local economy beyond the petrochemical industry; Jefferson County went from the 9th largest county in the state of Texas during my time as assessor and collector of taxes and is now the 20th.
  • Make no mistake, the petrochemical industry is of great importance to our community and is responsible for billions of dollars worth of economic activity; I will continue to work to ensure their success
  • My years of experience working with chambers of commerce, industry, and corporations on the international, national, state, and local levels are of great importance and unique benefit to the County Judge position
  • I was chosen to be vice president of business operations for a local company. Under my leadership we were able to grow from 80 employees to 450 in less than 5 years; I have the public and private sector experience necessary to make a positive impact on our local economy



The highway on the coastline and deepening and widening of ship channel

  • Weight limits on county roads (farmers)
  • A need to improve drainage system
  • Be an advocate for the restoration of Pleasure Island


Brining Our Community Together – Politically divisive times in our nation

Create the Jefferson County Quality of Life Commission composed of various advisory committees representing the community groups that live and work in our county.

  • The overall goal is to create higher levels of community engagement and identify resources to address the needs of community groups.
  • The Asian American, African American, and Hispanic quality of life committees are examples of individual groups that will be a part of the commission. Leaders from these communities will be selected to represent their respective groups and engage citizens that are otherwise disengaged.